Company Profile

Proud to serve our truckload customers since the new millennium

We have specialized in truckload service to and from Mexico since we opened our doors in the year 2000. With our head office in South Western Ontario, we focus on that as our core service area in Canada. Additionally, we serve hundreds of locations throughout Ontario and Quebec on a daily basis.

Our U.S. and Mexico facilities complete our operational loop and allow us to provide direct door-to-door service between:

  • Ontario/Quebec and Mexico
  • Ontario/Quebec and the states of Alabama, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin
  • The states listed above and Mexico
  • The states listed above and Ontario/Quebec

We are a Canada and U.S. Customs bonded, truckload carrier serving NAFTA markets

We’ve found by sticking to what we do best, we can offer a consistently higher level of service. Our staff are knowledgeable and in tune with the transportation challenges our customers face shipping to and from Canada, the USA and Mexico. With our own Keypoint locations in all three markets, we are strategically positioned to serve NAFTA markets to the highest standard.