Our Response Promise

We ‘talk and rock’ truckload all day long

There is a wealth of knowledge and experience awaiting your next call to Keypoint Carriers. Because of our specialized niche, the answers to your questions (transit times, pricing, documentation requirements) are at our fingertips and we can respond immediately. If your inquiry is a little more out of the ordinary, it doesn’t go to the bottom of the pile… we will get back to you within 45 minutes. That’s our promise to you and that’s exactly what we do.

Q: Do you operate with single and team drivers?
A: Yes. Our operation provides regular single, and double non-stop service. These levels are to accommodate the desired transit schedule into Mexico.

Q: Is my shipment insured travelling through Mexico?
A: Once your shipment enters into Mexico, you are required to obtain specific insurance for that portion of the transit.

Q: Can I track the status of my shipments?
A: Yes. Online tracking is available to all of our customers. This will provide an exact shipment location at all times.

Q: What is drayage?
A: In our operation, it refers to the transfer of the trailer by the Customs Broker from one side of the border to the other, between Laredo, TX and Nuevo Laredo, MX.

Q: What happens with a bonded load?
A: The load goes to Keypoint’s yard in Laredo TX. The bond is sent to the Customs broker to be cancelled. Once the bond has been cancelled, the trailer is then transported by the Customs broker’s drayage service to be crossed into Mexico.

Q: Is our truckload shipment transferred to another trailer before entering Mexico?
A: Our facility in Laredo is a transfer point for our trucks (only) that haul the original trailer your goods were loaded on. We provide direct, door-to-door, truckload service. No re-handling, no transfers.